Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get That Out of Your Mouth

Makenna has this fixation with putting things in her mouth. She puts everything/anything in her mouth. The other day we were at Tyler's mom's house and Kenna was in the hall. Jan saw her in the hall with the plug-in air freshener in her hand. Jan took it away from her, but then noticed Kenna was holding her mouth funny. Jan asked her if she had put it in her mouth and she said yes. She had gotten to hot fragance oil in her mouth. We took her in the kitchen and rinsed out her mouth with soap. She is such a crazy nut.
A few weeks ago I bought her these cute Ariel flip flops from the Disney store. They were cute and on sale for cheap so I got them. Kenna wore them one day in the car and when I went to get her out of the car there was blue foam all over the floor. Kenna had bitten holes in the bottom of her flip flop. I swear...this kid puts everything in her mouth. I thought that stage ended when they hit about 18 months.

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