Thursday, January 26, 2012


Brynlee with her paints. She loves paints
Kenna with her santa loot
Justin Bieber came to visit :)

Justin came to visit Christy. She was so excited
Santa brought Makenna Rapunzel, Flynn and Maximus
Santa brought Bryn Minnie Mouse
The girls Christmas morning
Bryn got a microphone and she loved singing. It was awesome.
the girls in our matching jammies
Our family
band of brothers
The Thomas boys
The Thomas girls
The girls in their Christmas dresses
Bryn, my mom and Kenna
Thomas siblings
My dad with his parents and siblings
grandma gloria and Bryn
Bryn and TyTy
Grandma Gloria, Grandpa Jim, Grandpa Glen and Grandma Dorothy
Grandma Dorothy, Me, Grandpa Glen
The Thomas' - They are sweet
Grandpa Glen and Makenna
Grandpa Jim and Makenna
puzzle time - We love doing puzzles together.
My mom and Bryn
My mom and Kenna
Makenna, Collin and Brynlee - They are goofballs
Bryn and Grandpa Jim
We celebrated Makenna's 6th Birthday up in at my grandma's. Boy, between Christmas and her birthday, that girl was spoiled.

Makenna got a leap pad. She was so excited.
Bryn was feeling left out, so Tyler let her play with his tablet.
Mom, Michael and Grandma

We had Christmas up at Grandma Dorothy's and Grandpa Glen's. We opened Santa presents down at Brandon's and then got ready for church. We rushed and opened presents from my parents up at grandma's and then went to church. We had num-num for breakfast. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and spending time with family. Makenna, Brynlee and Collin had a blast running around together. I love spending time with my family.

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