Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Christy and Bryn at Brick Oven
 My mom and I at Brick Oven
 My cousin Collin and the girls at Brick Oven
 I took this picture while we were driving on I-15 to SLC.
 Salt Lake City Temple
 Michael and Bryn
 My mom, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Gloria

 Bryn and Mike
 Brandon and Kenna
 Tyler and I
 Christy and Bryn
 Steven and Bryn
 My parents were married in this temple 30 years ago!
 My family
 the SLC temple
 Collin and Makenna are buddies
 My mom, brother Tyler and sister Christy
 My mom and I

 My mom and Mike
 Christy and Tyler
Bryn, Kenna and Collin being silly

We had a busy Christmas Eve. We started the day off with taking a family picture with my parents, siblings and grandparents. Then went shopping at a few stores. We met my dad's family at Brick Oven for our Christmas Eve lunch. It has kind of become tradition to go to Brick Oven as a family on Christmas so no one has to cook. Then we went up to Salt Lake City to see the lights at temple square. It was really cold. The lights were pretty. Everyone was cold and both visitor centers were closed. The JS building was open and we went in a got hot chocolate and warmed up. It was fun day of family and food. 

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Brittnie said...

Cute pictures! Your pictures at Temple Square turned out so good!