Thursday, February 12, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast!

The dr. gave her spongebob was perfect!

The girls had their well-child check-ups yesterday. Brynlee had her 2 month and weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. and was 22 1/2 inches long. She is in the 10% for weight and 34% for needless to say she is tiny. She got shots also. She did really well. Of course she screamed bloody murder, but it didn't take long to calm her down and she slept for a long time after. Her legs are sore, but giving her a little bit of tylenol helps! Makenna had her 3 year and weighed 31 lbs. and was 37 inches tall! She is in the 50% for weight and 42% for height. I have small girls! The dr. said both girls looked great. Bryn does need to go have physical therapy on her neck. She has really tight muscles on her left side that pulls her head down. I am so glad we have such a great pediatrician. He sat and talked with us forever and answered all my questions. I am paranoid about the girls and he never made me feel like I was stupid for the questions I had. I'm glad Bryn is at least growing. She may be tiny, but she is steadily putting on the weight. She loves to smile and has been a pretty good baby lately. For about 5 nights she slept amazing...8pm-5am. But the past few matter what...she is up at 1:30am. Oh well. 


Cyndi said...

Sounds like they are doing great Jen! I'm glad you have a doctor you like. That is huge relief to a mom for sure! thanks for keeping us updated on your blog. I love this technology! I can feel like I'm a part of your life even though you are so far away! :)

Corbin and Amy said...

Who is your pediatrician? Robyn said she has a really good one too. I love doctors that don't make you feel stupid for asking questions. That's the kind of doctor I want to see because i know I'll have a ton of questions:)

JAllred said...

Your girls are so beautiful Jen! I'm sad we didn't get to see you guys when you were here:( Triston had the same problem with his neck I think its called tortecolus. Sorry about the spelling. He had to do physical therapy for few months but he is fine now. It's a good thing you noticed now and asked about it. We waited to long so it took longer to fix. We love and miss you all.