Monday, February 02, 2009

Right Now

So this probably won't happen again tomorrow or even last extremely long tonight...but Bryn has been happy hanging out in her swing now for about 30 minutes! I can't believe it. She has never been this happy just chilling on her own ever! Plus...she NEVER liked her swing...not even for a minute!

Also...the dr. had a start a new formula with Bryn today to see if it would help with her throwing up, upset tummy and constipation. But guess what? It smells horrible. I know formula doesn't smell great, but at least the GoodStart was tolerable. This new kind stinks SOOOO bad. Poor Bryn. I hope it helps her tummy though! I can't stand to see her in so much pain!


Cyndi said...

Brandon LOVED his swing! Oh my gosh, sometimes I felt so bad because he practically lived in that thing, but it was such a lifesaver! Josh and Candace on the other hand never did like it which really bummed me out! But if you can get them to like that thing, you will be so happy! I hope she starts to like it all the time for you!

Karen said...

Jen...PLEASE call me anytime! David is on a tough rotation this month and hardly ever here so we could use the extra company of McKenna AND Bryn whenever! You need to get some sleep. Its amazing what you can deal with on more sleep. Sorry about the formula. I can still remember the smell of Nutramagen from when I was working still. Its the worst smelling of all of them, but hopefully it will do the trick. Hang in there!