Sunday, May 11, 2008

My 10 favorite things about Makenna!

A few of my friends have been posting the top 10 favorite things about their kids. So I thought I would do the same about my little girl!

1. Her smile and laugh are infectious. No matter how mad you want to be at her or if you are just having a gloomy can't help but smile when she does. 

2. She is one of the smartest 2 year olds I know. She says things that I would never expect to come out of a 2 year olds mouth. 

3. She can entertain herself. She will sit forever by herself playing with her mega legos and building trains. She will read to herself and play tea party by herself. She loves to play mommy and always makes sure her babies are fed and warm!

4. She is a great sleeper. Whether it is naps or bedtime she always gets in bed and goes to sleep. Sometimes she will lay in bed a read a book to herself and then go to sleep but I have been so lucky to have such a good sleeper.

5. She is such a daddy's girl and loves when daddy comes home. Her first question when I get her in the morning is, "Where's my daddy?" Then she answers right away...At school :). At bedtime prayers she says, "bless daddy study hard!" It is so cute.

6. Tyler was rubbing my neck one night and told Makenna that it made mom happy. So when I get upset or sad Makenna comes up and rubs my shoulders and says, "Its okay mommy. It's better." She doesn't like people to be sad and she tries to make them happy!

7. She loves her grammies and papas. She loves her grammy time with grammy Larsen and loves talking on the phone to grammy Caferine (Catherine).

8. She gives the best hugs and kisses. And I love to hear her say, "Lub you mommy!" She will always say she is sorry and give kisses when says goodbye!

9. Although it can be annoying sometimes...It is also cute. She loves to help with dinner, laundry and the dishes...Man I hope that lasts into the teenage years. She sings, "Clean up Clean up Everybody everywhere, Clean up Clean up Everybody do your share." She loves to pick up her room.

10. She likes to figure things out on her own. She will always ask me for help first and I tell her to figure it out. Then she gets so excited that she was able to do it on her own!

11. Okay...I have one more. She loves Jesus. It's so amazing to me that she can see a picture of him and knows exactly who he is. She loves to learn about him and sing songs about him. She loves saying prayers and singing, "I am a Child of God." She also likes to read her "family book" (meaning the scriptures). She is a great example to me.

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