Monday, April 21, 2014

Logan's 4 Month Check

We switched pediatricians. I love our previous pediatrician, but I keep feeling like there is something more going on with Logan. So a little while back, I took him to the ped. my best friend works for. I have heard great things about her for years and went to her for a second opinion. She confirmed the feeling I had had for awhile, that Logan had acid reflux. I couldn't go back to our ped. because I didn't want to admit to him that I went for a second opinion. He really has been a great dr. Anyways, at Logan's 4 month check his
Weight 14 lbs. 14oz (50%)
Height 24.25 inches (25%)
Head 43.5 cm (75-90%) like Makenna, he has a large head. He is still taking axid (acid reflux meds). The dr. prescribed magnesium to help him to to the bathroom. He had shots again and did awesome. He is growing like a weed. He is still a super fussy baby. I love him and he is so cute, but he is super fussy. 

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