Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School

Today the girls started their 2013-2014 school year. Makenna started 2nd grade and Bryn started Pre-K. Ever since we applied for the Pre-K lottery, Bryn has been asking me if she can go. Both girls were super excited and ready for school. They woke up at 6am and were both dressed and wanting to go. Makenna was excited to buy lunch on her first day and Bryn was sad she is only half day and doesn't do lunch at school. I drove the girls to school and walked them in. Makenna was more than happy to leave and go sit with her class. Her friend Aliyah is in her class again this year. I walked Bryn to where she needs to go to meet her teacher in the morning. She seemed excited, but nervous. She kept asking if she could go see Kenna. I explained to her Kenna was in her own class and that they could see each other after school. Bryn's teacher had the kids hold hands and walk to class. This girl in her class seemed a lot older than her and took her hand. I had no idea that it would effect me so much. I just started crying. I guess I have worried about Bryn starting normal school. I was worried that the little girl would feel her hand and be scared of Bryn. The girl took Bryn by the hand and didn't even notice. She acted like her and Bryn were best buds. It was great. So yes, I didn't expect to cry, but I left very emotional.

I picked Bryn up from school and she was excited to see me. She got in the car and told the teacher we forgot her sister. Haha, Kenna doesn't get out of school until later. I reassured Bryn we did NOT forget Kenna and we would be back to get her. Then Bryn was super excited to show me the pencil the principal gave her and show me the folder she gets to bring home. She felt like such a BIG kid. Bryn kept asking me if we could go get Kenna. Haha, she doesn't like her when she is around, but when she isn't, she loves her to death. I asked Bryn if she made any friends. She said, ' yea, Lauren. Not my best friend Lauren, but another Lauren.' Bryn had a best friend named Lauren at her school last year.  I then asked Bryn what she looked like. She said, 'she had a black face.' I about died laughing. Made me laugh to hear how she described this little girl. She doesn't understand a difference in color or any of that. To her it's no big deal. It made me laugh pretty hard. Then at dinner she sat cross legged and said, ' apple cross, applesauce.' It was cute. I said where did you learn that. She said, ' my teacher, she is my best friend.' I told her the saying was criss cross applesauce. She couldn't quite get it.

Makenna came home super excited. She loved her lunch at school. In her words, ' I even ate the vegetables mom!' She was excited to have her friend Aliyah in class. She loves all the kids that sit at her table. Her teacher will be the best 2nd grade teacher for her, she says. She said Mrs. M was perfect for 1st grade, but Miss B. will be perfect for 2nd. Glad she approves. 

Both girls had great days and we celebrated by getting ice cream at Braums and coming home and riding bikes. Such a fun day!

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