Monday, May 20, 2013

The First Dance Recital

 Bryn and her spunky attitude

The girls had their first dance recital on May 19, 2013. It was on a Sunday afternoon at the local high school. The girls were so excited to wear make-up and put on their costumes. Unfortunately, May brings us bad weather. Their recital was at 2pm, when bad weather usually starts. We got to the recital and made sure we kept our phones handy to watch the weather. The girls were in the second half of the show. Intermission started at about 3:10. At about 3:30 the show started again. Makenna was the second routine and just as her performance started, I received a text from a friend saying bad weather was headed our way. Bryn was going on shortly too. But Bryn had 2 dances. Tyler and I went back and forth on what to do. Right before Bryn performed I ran to the dressing rooms to warn the mom's of bad weather. Bryn was next to go on stage. She performed her tap routine. Tyler and I then made the decision to pull Bryn from her second dance and go home to get out of the bad weather. As we left the recital a funnel cloud was coming down. It quickly sucked back in to the sky and we made it home. We watched the storm from the west, spin over our house and a few minutes later it dropped a tornado just 2 miles East of us. It was a crazy. The girls did so good in their dances. Tyler and I were very proud of them. 

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