Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Easter Activities

 At the neighborhood egg hunt

 The Easter bunny at UCO
 The egg hunt at UCO
Makenna got hot and though putting the bucket on her head would help

I took the girls to our neighborhood easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 30th. There were over 900 eggs. One side of the field was for Bryn's age and the playground had eggs for Kenna's age. Within seconds all the eggs were gone. The girls each got about 10 eggs and were pleased to have their candy.
After that I took the girls to UCO's egg hunt. We have heard about it for years, but never went. I finally took the girls this year. It was completely unorganized. The weather was really warm. We waited for Bryn's egg hunt and it was insane. There were a ton of eggs, but she got trampled and only made it out with 2. I talked Kenna into not staying for hers. I told her I would buy her bubble gum so she didn't have to get trampled by a bunch of other kids. She luckily agreed with me and we left. Overall the girls had a fun day!

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