Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

 The girls in their Christmas dresses
 My mom and the girls
 I love my mom's tree
 Christmas morning

 They loved opening presents

On December 16, we had Christmas at our house with Tyler's parents. We had dinner and the girls were able to be spoiled with presents from grandma and grandpa. A reporter from the Oklahoman came and took a picture of our family and did a story about our family's Christmas Eve Tradition. My MIL has given us books every year that are special to her and a Christmas book. It has been a great way to build our library and for her to share something that is special to her with us. On Christmas Eve the story ran in the paper. On December 20, our family headed out to CA for Christmas with my family. My little sister had surgery on her knee on the 21st. Christmas Eve my Aunts, Uncle and cousins came over for soup and presents. We always have a good time with them. Christmas day the girls were so excited. Santa was able to find us in CA again this and brought the girls lots of goodies. Kenna's big gifts were games for her DS and Bryn got an Ipod touch. The girls were spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa. Mom made our family 'num num' for breakfast. It was Christmas just the way I like it. We watched movies all day and hung out as a family. I love it. Grandpa Jim and Grandma Gloria came out that afternoon and had dinner with us. Tyler had to head back to OK the day after Christmas. The girls and I stayed until December 31. We were able to go to my brother's apartment in San Diego and see where him and his wife live. We enjoyed a family dinner with them too. On Dec. 30 we had a little birthday party for Makenna's 7th birthday with my family. While we were there my parents took Kenna to Build-a-Bear to make a bear, in her case a dog, for her birthday. She picked out a german shepherd with a red and white dress. The rest of us walked around Downtown Disney while they did that. I love Disneyland and was not able to go this time so D. Disney was the next best thing. Kenna loved going to Woodranch for lunch. She hasn't quit talking about it. It was so good to see my family and we enjoyed Christmas.
 Christmas with Tyler's parents - story time

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