Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Soccer 2012

 Bryn's first soccer game
Sisters on game day
 Ryder and Cash
 Bryn and daddy
 Bryn and Grammy
 Bryn and Papa
 Jenn helping Bryn
 Bryn gettin' in there
Yesterday Bryn had her first ever soccer game. Her coach is Micah K. She was so cute in her little uniform. She was so excited to play. At her first she got right in there and was ready to play. Then she would walk off the field and say she wanted 'sometin to eat.' Jenn was able to get her back on the field to play a little more. She did really well. Makenna is also playing soccer again. She is on the same team she was last season with Jenn J. as the coach. She is doing a lot better at getting in to get the ball!!

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Brittnie said...

I can't believe Bryn is old enough for soccer! I can't wait until Evan can play! Both girls look so cute in their little uniforms!