Monday, April 07, 2008

So Embarrassing!

Soo.... We have these wonderful neighbors that have 3 little girls! Amber was so kind to babysit Makenna so I could go to work today! Makenna loves playing with Mia, Maddie and Meredith. I called Amber today to see how Makenna was behaving. She said that she had been good and that she was taking a nap. She then began to tell me that Makenna was a fast little girl. I said, "What do you mean by that?" Well...Amber watches about 4 little girls at her house. One of the girl's dads brought pancakes and sausage from McDonalds over to the house. All the girls ate and then wanted to play. Amber cleaned up Makenna and let her go in the other room while she cleaned up one of the other little girls. Well within that minute or so that Amber was cleaning up the girls....Makenna had taken a black marker and drew all over Amber's table, curtains, end table, couch, chair and couch pillows!!!! Luckily it was washable. But I am so embarrassed. I can't believe she did that.


Spencer and Debbie said...

LOL! Yeah for kids! \"/

Alan and Kristy said...

Hey Jen, its Kristy from Chino Hills. I have not talked to you in forever. Looks like you are doing good and have a cute little girl. well i hope things are good for you guys.
we have a blog spot to.

Lucius, Stephanie, Haley & Lauren said...

What a little rascal! : ) Haley has been doing that type of thing at our house but luckily it's only been crayon! However she has used marker on my parent's nice table! Isn't it fun? haha!!!