Monday, November 12, 2007

T.V. Pals!

Haha... Winnie the Pooh's Great Adventures movie was on today on Disney Channel! I didn't know if Makenna would like it and much to my surprise she did! She sat on my lap and watched very intently. When Pooh got stuck in the the tree she got all upset and started screaming, "Pooh stuck mommy!" haha. Then when he fell out of the tree she got really concerned and said, "Pooh fall mommy!" She was so concerned about what was happening with Pooh! So needless to say she really likes Pooh Bear!
Then also...she loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants! She asks, "Where's Bob?" She can sit for hours...if I let her...and watch Spongebob. On one of the episodes they were blowing bubbles and when the bubble went away she would say, "Where's bubble mommy?"
Her last favorite show is the Doddlepops! She loves Mo! She always asks, "Where's Mo?" In the morning when she wakes up her first question is, "Where's Daddy?" then "Where's Mo?" haha. When it came on this morning she started saying....Do Do Do Do....that is how they singe their opening song. It was so cute and she started dancing and saying, "Where's Mo?


Lisa said...

How cute that she gets so involved and concerned. I think Jake may end up being a Winnie the Pooh fan too. But the Doodlebops? How can you stand them? My niece loves them and every time they came on the TV I wanted to shoot it. How can any man feel the least bit masculine dressed up like that? Ok, that's the end of my rant. :)

Andy and Melissa said...

How cute that the first thing she says in the morning is where is dad. Tyler must feel so loved!