Friday, August 31, 2007

Go BYU!!

BYU has their first game tomorrow vs. Arizona! My little brother Steven is on the team. He is red-shirting this year, but he will be dressed out and on the field!! My family is all headed up to Utah to be there to watch the game! I wish I could be there too!! GO BYU!!


Lisa said...

Go Cougars! Joel and I are listening to the game on the radio right now. They're about to win. I hope there's not a last second upset. Jen, I really think you need to come to Provo to see your brother (and me!).

Rashel Cherry said...

we went to the game too. it was my first byu game. it was so dang hot. we left at halftime. that would have been fun to see your family. i wondered if they were there and if steven was playing.

Melissa said...

I didn't know steven was on the team. Rock on. That is pretty fun. I will have to tell my dad. He will be excited.